Energy management

Energy management can help saving considerable amounts of energy and expenses. Its aim is to activate the available low-expenditure savings potential that usually lies between 10 and 20 percent.

The elements of energy management include:

  • Energy controlling
  • Optimization of available technology
  • Motivation and awareness raising among the inhabitants and those operating the technology
  • On-the-spot trainings
  • Identification and assessment of low-expenditure savings measures

Energy management is aimed at property managers, commercial and industrial companies. Integrated controlling is what makes the results directly visible. It motivates the participants and breaks all kinds of existing barriers.

Our references:
Municipal energy management

Our Services:

  • Inventories, energy checks
  • Measurement, assessment, and notification of the energy use
  • Checking of energy bills (tariffs, loads)
  • Continuous budget control
  • Measuring room amd heating temperatures, writing load curves
  • Optimierung vorhandener Technik
  • Optimization of the available technology
  • Compilation of simple user tips
  • presentation of the energy reports
  • Presentations on energy topics
  • Consulting on refurbishment and construction investment

Our expert:
Heinz Eggersglüß