Cogeneration plants

Combining Heat and Power through co-generation (CHP) is a highly efficient CO2 saving technology. Through the simultaneous production of electricity and heat the energy conversion losses can be reduced to minimum. Its combination with the use of the CO2-poor natural, bio, or flue gas allows for large CO2 emission reductions. This is reflected in the current legislation of the Federal Government, in which the co-generation law is accompanied with financial incentives for feeding CHP power into the grid.

Despite the incentives of the co-generation law, this technology is not really a self-seller. Good adaptation to the heating system of the selected location and to the local circumstances is indispensable. The owners’ organization can also play a significant role. All this calls for commitment, experience and careful planning. UTEC’s CHP planning and building activities stretch as far back as 1984. Our works can be found in waste treatment plants, in public buildings, in plants for heat supply to housing as well as industrial and commercial companies.

Our customers are public organizations, utilities and other companies.

Our services:

  • Studies and solutions
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Planning, construction and commissioning
  • General consulting and assistance to the operators

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Cogeneration plants

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