Composting and waste treatment

Composting is an important part of the recycling of organic waste. It applies not only to separate municipal waste from households, but also to residues from trade, commerce, and industry.

We offer a wide range of services, from waste management solutions, through R&D, general consultancy and preliminary studies, to the construction of entire installations and operations monitoring. In our laboratory we conduct decomposition experiments and all complementary analyses.

As an independent engineering company we are not bound to any manufacturer or technology, and thus provide a customized solution to reach a technical and economic optimum for each project.

We have clients from the agricultural and industrial sectors, as well as from local administrations.

Our services:

  • Studies and solutions
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Planning of the BImSchG licensing
  • Decomposition experiments in the laboratory and in large-scale plants
  • Research and Development

Our references:
Composting and waste treatment

Our expert:
Christoph Zimmermann