Biogas plants

Our extensive experience can help you avoid mistakes and unpleasant surprises: our involvement in the development and implementation of this technology goes as far back as 1980.

Moreover, we have the advantage of a lively exchange of expertise with various Research and Development institutes, as well as of being a member of the German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas e.V.).

Our services range from general consultancy and preliminary studies to the construction of entire biogas plants and technical support on their operation. In our biogas laboratory we conduct fermentation tests and all complementary analyses.

As an independent engineering company, we are not bound to any specific manufacturer or technology. Thus we are able to develop the optimal technical and economic solution for any particular client.

Our clients come from the agricultural sector, industry and local administrations, and our activities spread throughout Germany and abroad.

Our services:

  • Studies and concepts
  • Assessment of economic viability and profitability
  • Planning, construction and commissioning
  • Research and Development
  • Online measurements and operation control of biogas plants
  • General consultancy and assistance to operators
  • Training and specialization courses

Our references:
Biogas plants 
Biogas concepts and consultations 

Our expert:
Christoph Zimmermann